“Run for Love and Children towards the New Year’s Sunrise”


“Run for Love and Children towards the New Year’s Sunrise” Lakaffa Works with Hsinchu County to Organize a New Year’s Day Running Event 

 (CNA News Service - 20171206 - 15:40:02) Lakaffa, a renowned restaurant group in Taiwan, collaborates with the Hsinchu County government to hold a New Year’s Day running event – “Run for Love and Children towards 2018 New Year’s Sunrise” (the Hsinchu County New Year’s Day running festival). A press conference was held today at the Hsinchu County government office building to call for the public to actively participate in the event. In an act of public welfare, Lakaffa announced that 100 NTD per participant will be donated to child welfare agencies in Hsinchu County. A chartable bazaar of the company’s brands will also be held on the day of the event onsite and all of its revenues will be donated for public welfare. This makes the New Year’s Day running event an event indeed organized in the name of “Love for Children”. 

This road running event is yet another large-scale road running event jointly organized by the Hsinchu County government and Lakaffa, to be staged on the New Year’s Day of 2018. Hsinchu County deputy magistrate Yang Wenko said the road running event will start following the New Year’s Day flag raising ceremony at the Hsinchu County government office building. By working with local businesses such as Lakaffa, organizing public welfare events and promoting local foods, more people can be attracted to make the event even more bustling. 

According to Lakaffa, the meaning of the event name of “Run for Love and Children towards 2018 New Year’s Sunrise” is to embrace the brand new year 2018 together with county locals in order to further incorporate the brand spirit of its Chatime brand – “Chatime is everywhere the sun rises”. As Lakaffa has been focusing on children’s development to a great extent and hopes that the future generations of Taiwan can receive more attention and care, we try to promote the charitable spirit of “Run for Children” and call for the public to devote themselves to good deeds. On the day of the press conference, we have specially invited the recipients of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Hsinchu branch, Shin Kang Elementary School (the Indigenous school of the highest altitude in the entire Hsinchu region) and the basketball team of the Jiew Sheh Primary School to attend the conference. 

The route of the road running event is tailored for the public, with a walker group of 3K and runner groups of 5K and 10K set up. The 3K group is a short walking group suitable for families with elders and children for them to go outdoors and exercise together. The registration fee is not required for Hsinchu County residents. The 5K and 10K groups are planned for good runners for them to welcome a year of healthy and happy life with running. 

Sports, public welfare, dining and fun activities are incorporated in this road running event. As the last week for registration is approaching and the quota for each group is limited, anyone interested in running should seize the opportunity and register at the E-Better website or search for the “Run for Love and Children towards New Year’s Sunrise” event online. The registration deadline is this week on December 10, 2017.