Our family is growing
Chatime provide healthy and fashion Taiwanese handmade tea, included variety of choices of rich milk tea and fruit tea selections. We insist on providing high quality beverage through simple, standard and professional manufacture procedures, implementing the idea of "High-tech Tea Brewing Procedure.
Bake Code is based on three elements, high-quality flour, wild yeast from fruit and clarified water. Heathy life is our goal to create pure flavours. The aroma, sweet and chewy of our breads bring amazing taste for customers.
ZenQ disrupted the traditional way of dessert by suitable for all season. We insist on the finest ingredients for healthy living. Innovation of traditional flavour improves Taiwanese dessert tasty.
La Kaffe Café selects premium beans with professional roasting skill, providing special and mellow coffee for businessman, family and friends. We offer a great selection of ingredients to our meals, align with our mission statement “Healthy, Delectable, Light” to please the taste buds of every customer.
As a Taiwanese wedding catering in 1950-1960, the last dessert is a sweet pudding cake, shaped like a Taiwanese pudding. Along with the change in times, the pudding cake was out of style for a while. Hence, we maintain traditional flavour of the cake and improve it with a silky and delicate taste. ChunSun cake is local old-time flavour of Taiwan. “ChunSun Cake” started in July, 2008, located nearby High Speed Rail Hsinchu Station. When visitors leave Hsinchu, they bring a nice gift with ChunSun Cake for their family and friends.