Our family is growing
Chatime places great emphasis on the quality of each cup of tea and every detail that can influence its taste. Put it simply, we merely want to present the original flavor of the tea in its entirety, such as “sweetness, purity and smoothness”, there- by infusing a sense of freshness and originality into people’s mundane lifestyle, as well as pamper their tired souls with the fragrance of the tea.
Starting from the three major elements: finest “high quality flour”, “cultivation of fruit yeast”, and “pure, clean water”, the concept is health and burden-free food to create pure, unadul-
terated delicacies, allowing the bread’s authentic flavors to be released on your palate while chewing, offering you delightful surprise in each bite.
In order to preserve the traditional, nostalgic taste, the product has undergone constant research & development and improvement, where emphasis is placed on texture, flavor and health to meticulously produce pudding cake in limited quantities daily. The delicate, chewy texture and magnificent flavor of the classic cake are simply irresistible.
A modern British restaurant that serves British fusion cuisines ranging from nutritious morning brunch to luxurious high tea.
With a slight Taiwanese touch, twisting the image you have for those British classics includes the traditional Shepherd’s Pie, Fish & Chips, and Yorkshire pudding. The elegant interior design which specifically designed for modern women, Engolili is the perfect place to enjoy leisure time with your close ones while having exceptional British cuisines.
Merry Pho was first established in California in honor of the Vietnamese refugees that fled to the United States after the Vietnam War in 1975. Those Vietnamese refugees who have luckily survived the war then resettled throughout North America while most of them have become small business owners of restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, and so on.
Merry Pho fully display the cultural fusion of East & West through its’ variety of cuisines. With exquisite Chinese cooking techniques and innovative concepts implementation to elevate the traditional Vietnamese flavor to a new level. Merry Pho aims to bring you a multicultural culinary experience along with phenomenal taste that have been passed on for more than half a century.