Established in 2004, La Kaffa International Co., Ltd. has not only opened takeout cafes, but also has been expanding its products and brands. Now there are six brands in total, including Chatime, ChunSun Cake, Bake Code, ZenQ Dessert, La Kaffa Coffee, and Chatime Lounge, which respectively provide products and services of tea, Taiwanese traditional desserts, coffee, set meals and bakery products. Also, La Kaffa bulit subsidiary company "Kingza" with 4 brands, "Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza Taiwan, Duan Chun Zhen beef noodle, Osaka Ohsho Taiwan and ChuNian Shabu Shabu", which respectively provide products and services of Taiwanese and exotic foods. While continuing to expand these brands, La Kaffa has also created original brands or introduced new ones. By introducing instant and refillable milk tea packs to be sold in physical stores and its own stores, La Kaffa has successfully entered the consumer industry.

La Kaffa has conquered the world with boba milk tea. This tea brand has been expanded into more than 50 countries and regions, crossing six continents. It has become the top takeout tea brand in Australia and Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The company has also entered Dubai, Middle East. It has been actively expanding the new markets in Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Guam. Some major regions in America, including New York, Florida, California, Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico, are also where it has stepped in. It has successfully crossed the southern hemisphere to the markets in New Zealand, Fiji and Mauritius, and English Channel to London, UK, and Paris, France, in continental Europe. La Kaffa has thus become the most internationalized Chinese chain food group in the world.

With diversification, and with honesty, quality, innovation, excellence, and sharing as its principles, La Kaffa International Co., Ltd. has expanded its international markets and transformed into a “brand platform”. By exporting Taiwanese brands to the world, as well as introducing good brands to Taiwan from abroad, La Kaffa wishes to become a food group with multiple brands.

As La Kaffa never stops expanding our international market, we have been looking for partners in countries and regions around the world and rapidly authorizing regional distributors to open stores. In addition, by continuing to innovate and to introduce new brands, we have been expanding the quantity and types of brands to promote the group in becoming the biggest world-class fusion food group in Chinese regions.
La Kaffa International CO., Ltd.