Chatime New Product Announcement at Annual Meeting of Global Agents



Using a single cup of bubble milk tea, La Kaffa International subsidiary Chatime now has locations in over 33 countries and 100-plus cities. Between November 28th and December 1st, Chatime has invited its global partners to south Taiwan’s Kenting to launch the 4-day “Chatime Wins” themed Annual Meeting of Global Brand Agencies. Chatime looks forward to the development of 2018 products and demonstrating the strength in Taiwanese handmade beverages.


Chatime is the world's most widespread and leading brand of handmade tea beverages. Since its establishment in 2004, locations have been established in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and even Colombia to exhibit the Chatime spirit, "Where the sun rises, there will be Chatime." Wang Yao-Hui, Chairman of La Kaffa International, said, “Chatime has laid down the foundation for consistent global integration of brand development. Every year, partners from all regions are invited to come to Taiwan to meet each other. The management team is responsible for planning brand international development; the logistics team manages support details and new product development. The meeting will show international agency partners the direction and ambition of the brand’s global expansion. Meanwhile, there will be an exchange of information regarding the development and business experiences of each regional market. This information will then enhance the brand’s competitiveness in response to the rapid changes in the tea beverage market."


During the 4-day Chatime Wins Meeting, La Kaffa International invited a lecturer that has been the CEO of an international catering brand to share rich and professional experiences from an international brand agency. This included the publishing of the brand’s plans made by the headquarters team for international operations management, optimization of the procurement process for international materials, annual development of innovative products and development plans for strategic marketing. The lecture will allow the agencies to have a better understanding of the brand. With the accompaniment of the brand’s headquarters team, all the agencies experienced the brand’s innovative value and its efficient operations as they were introduced to the brand’s newest store design along with the progressive conceptual beverage truck’s operating methods.


With more than 100 agencies and franchisees around the world, these figures are still growing rapidly for Chatime. As it provides comprehensive product planning and service for the brand’s global development, Chatime hopes to grow together with its global partners. While establishing long-term partnerships, Chatime will use “quality,” “innovation,” and “amusement,” the brand’s 3 core values, as motivation to continuously provide quality products and service to customers worldwide, and help regional partners improve their operational efficiency to create win-win scenarios and achieve outstanding performance. “In 2018, Chatime will do a better job.”