LaKaffa International’s 15th Anniversary. Creating a new global food culture with innovation and brand power.


Celebrating its 15th anniversary andpracticing corporate social responsibility, which included local child welfare,LaKaffa held the 3rdcharity “Chatime Good Run Good Love” marathon in the early morning of May 18th.Around 3,000 runners participated in the marathon. LaKaffa alsosponsored 5 teams of local elementary schools and junior high schools and the donationaggregated to 1 million dollars. LaKaffa hoped to throw a spratto catch a mackerel for other enterprises to sponsor gifted and talentedchildren to participate in international games; in this case, children would beable to build self-confidence and perform well during training sessions and in competitions.As fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, LaKaffa ensuredbetter lives for future generations and built a model of global food culturesimultaneously.

The global expansion plan of LaKaffa was to develop global business of Chatime first. The idea wasexpanding in emerging markets from beverage industry to food industry. Havingbeen working hard for 15 years, La Kaffa International had gained valuableexperiences.

Nowadays, LaKaffa hasbecome an international platform of food brands. There are nine brands, whichare owned by LaKaffa over 41 countries and regions, across 6major continents. Increasing efficiency by Improving management organizationand strategic alliances for accelerating international expansion and growthwere the reasons La Kaffa International opened up new territories way more thanothers.

LaKaffa manages notonly self-owned brand but also brands it services as an agent. It acquired “Chun-SunCake” and got the right of brand management as well in 2017. In the same year, LaKaffa also invested the food industry in Rueili, Hangzhou, doingits utmost effort to expand the bubble tea business in China.

La Kaffa International achieved breakthroughsin 2018. It imported Kyoto Katsugyu, a famous Tokyo brand; moreover, Chatimewon Services & Solutions Awards and Product Award of InternationalInnovation Award and became the first Asian bubble tea brand in Paris at the sametime. Furthermore, it started up business in Mexico and Republic of Mauritius.Its business territory has now been across six continents.

All over 15 years, LaKaffa has built a kingdom of food industry. Starting business fromHsinchu, Taiwan, practicing corporate social responsibility, collaborating withlocal government, promoting incubation-acceleration programs, establishing acharitable foundation for charitable trust, developing Chatime Future Starproject which supports children in remote area to make dreams come true, LaKaffa has contributed more than 10 million dollars.

The chairman of LaKaffa,Yao-Hui Wang, expects the group setting out vision for the next fifteen-yearsuccessful development by the fusion of innovation and brand power. In order tomake global impacts on food industry, nurturing local young talent anddeveloping food industry are necessary. LaKaffa needs more technologicalinnovation and product research and development; meanwhile, it has to developbrand power which includes acting as an agent for new brands. Therefore, LaKaffa is able to contribute to the society and affect the publicby doing so. Then it is capable of passing the energy of its brand to consumers.