LaKaffa has Held Charity “Chatime Good Run Good Love” Marathons for 3 Times. There are 3,000 runners participated in the marathon.


LaKaff and the Government of Hsinchu County held charity “2019 ChatimeGood Run Good Love” marathon. The marathon started on Gaotie 9th Rd.,Zhubei City, Hsinchu County in the early morning of May 18th and hadattracted 3,000 participants. The charity marathon was promoted under the ideaof “as you run, I donate.” In the end, LaKaffa contributed NT$ 350thousand dollars to the local public welfare fund.

Deputy County Mayor of Hsinchu County,Chien-Hsien Chen, who represented the Hsinchu County Government to sound thestarting horn to set off more than 3,000 runners, said the government appreciatedlocal enterprises for doing charity. It was good for city marketing as wellthrough holding the marathon. He hoped all the runners were able to challenge themselvesand performed well while enjoying the scene of Hsinchu County at the same time.

LaKaffa indicated thatthere were many parents who brought their children to the marathon because thecompany had focused on local development and child welfare for a long time. Inthe spirit of contributing to the society, it was the 3rd year ofthe collaboration with the Hsinchu County Government in Chatime Good Run GoodLove marathon, which combined the idea of LOHAS and delicious food and made themarathon much more interesting.

This year, the “2019 Chatime Good RunGood Love” marathon incorporating 15km and 6km run options was held because ofthe Chinese character “six” of LaKaffa’s name and its “15 th “ anniversary.What was more, it donated NT$10 dollars as each runner ran per kilometer. Byrunning for the charity, participants were not only contributing to theirdonations but they were also investing in physical health and well-being.