Winning Two Awards of the International Innovation Awards 2018


By Hai Lin

Updated December 27, 2018

Organized by Enterprise Asia, International Innovations Awards (IIA) 2018 taking place at the MGM in Macau on December 14 has recognized Chatime- operated by Lakaffa- for Product Award and Services & Solutions Award. Chatime was the biggest winner in Asia for winning two awards.

Enterprise Asia is the first NGO in pursuit of creating an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development within a world of economic equality. Its two pillars of existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship; in this case, Enterprise Asia has held Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards since 2011. There are 3 new awards contained from 2017, namely Organization & Culture, Product Award, and Services & Solutions Award, with the goal to encourage organizations to continue investing in innovations. Judges for the IIA is comprised of a panel of innovation experts and thought leaders.

  This year, the committee received more than 160 international nominations across 24 industries. By virtue of innovation, Chatime was the only tea brand which won the award among 160 nominations. Chatime and CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd., Taiwan both won 2 awards at International Innovation Awards 2018.

A supervisor of Lakaffa indicated, Chatime’s vision for innovation has been in its brand DNA since its establishment. The Truffle Indulgence Collection, which is truffle-infused, is a promotion that was born out this winter. Truffles have been known as “the diamond of the kitchen”. The perfect proportion of drinks and truffles is an effort of the R&D team. The Truffle Indulgence is launched and only 20,000 cups are available in Taiwan, and will be coming up soon on other 15 countries.

 Furthermore, the supervisor of Lakaffa said, Chatime’s Advance Tea Dispensing system (ATD) focuses on creating a different way of serving teas. The system integrates and matches traditional independent tea barrels with U-shaped tea columns together. It keeps the original procedures and convenience, without affecting any of the operations. It also combines rapid cooling function for applications which keeps the tea at a low (4oC) and constant temperature. This function allows maintaining the freshness and aroma of teas while the product quality is enhanced.

The system readjusts the current work process and product quality. The simplified process provides an opportunity for front liners to increase customer engagement, allowing them to communicate with customers while working on the ATD station. This system adopts the style of open kitchen, showcasing the whole process of product preparation in front of customers.

The innovation of the ATD system has changed the established form of traditional tea service, increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing product quality, and readjusting work process; hence Chatime has been recognized for Services & Solutions Award.