Lakaffa Headed Chatime to Drive all the way to Remote Towns to Share Love in Christmas.


By Wei-Chou Lo, Great News 

Updated December 25, 2018

Chatime, operated by Lakaffa, is known internationally for running bubble tea shops. The young and innovative brand image is highly praised and appreciated by young people. In addition to its bubble tea, Chatime also promotes charitable events and richly cultivates Taiwan. This year, Chatime maintains the tradition of practicing charity by organizing the one-month Chatime Future TStar journey.

  As a local business, Lakaffa led Chatime and other sister brands to set out to deliver drinks to students in remote areas by purple food carts so as to send warmth and love to them on Chrsitmas. Lakaffa drove to 5 places, including Shinkuang Elementary School, where was located in Jianshi Township and was 1650 meters above sea level. Shinkuang Elementary School had an early joyful Christmas which was filled with love.

  Teresa Wang, co-founder and also the Vice Executive General Manager of the company, said thatLakaffa has highly paid attention to corporate social responsibility; in this case, the Chatime Future TStar plan was proposed for public welfare. The plan has focused on child development and supported students in remote areas, hoping that the backbone of Taiwan would all be well taken care of. In the process of interacting with children, Chatime wished to make them postive and inspired. The Chatime Future TStar plan is going to be implemented and next year while the group will celebrate its 15th anniversary by scaling the plan up.

  The Chatime Future TStar journey contained visiting 5 places in order to spread love on and on. The journey included experiencing outdoor activities at Hengshan Junior High School, sponsoring the fun fair of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Hsinchu, spreading love to Thyakan Tribe with Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd. Retail Group, Hsinchu; moreover, the purple food carts drove all the way to Shinkuang Elementary School, located in Jianshi Township where was1650 meters above sea level and was surrounded by steep slopes. At last, the company staff took purple food carts to Tatu Elementary School. As soon as people got a cup of tea with love, their entire faces beamed with happiness; therefore the Chrismas Eve was much more meaningful.