Kingza International Corporate liaises the global renowned brands for development in Taiwan market or acts as consulting company for native Taiwanese brands for overseas operations and franchise network development. Current brands: Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza, Osaka Ohsho, Duan Chun Zhen.
Relight Corporate started his business in 2004. Relight Corporate owns LONG/ MATCHA & CHA and GOMAX brand with more than 1,100 direct and franchise outlets in Central China.There will be at least 30% growth in more than 1,600 stores in 2018.


While continually seeking collaborations with potential partners for brand authorization and further store penetration, LaKaffa International is now aiming to extend its ambition as“International Brand Platform” with the ultimate goal as the leading Asian F&B group worldwide.

"Authorize Brand License to Domestic / Overseas Markets"
Services cover Operation Training, Store Design, Product R&D, Training Courses, Marketing Supports, Raw Materials / Packaging Supplies.
Current Brands:Chatime, ZenQ, La Kaffa, Bake Code

"International Franchising"
Liaise the global renowned brands for development in Taiwan market or release subsidiary franchise to other markets.
Current Brands:Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza, Osaka Ohsho

"Franchise Taiwan Native Brand to Overseas Market"
Act as consulting company for native Taiwanese brands for overseas operations and franchise network development.
Current Brand:Duan Chun Zhen

"Strategic Investment"
Signed a contract with the Relight Corporate to fully expand the scale of the regional market and enter the tea market in mainland China.


Professional management team. Professional talents are recruited from fields of operation, marketing, finance, R&D and supervision around the world to form the strongest pioneer team.
Standard global applicable franchise system. With the actual experience of expanding 1000 stores around the world, we have established the globally applicable franchise system with regulations to protect the rights for each party, creating a win-win situation.
Public, chain leisure food group Financial transparency, legal abidance, sound managerial institution, emphasized social responsibilities, and business integrity.
Global marketing with integrated resources. Comprehensive annual campaigns and new product events are designed to increase market shares and competitiveness.
Introduction of SOP technology. High-end technology and equipment with single settings are introduced to precisely control food quality, allowing for consistent services.
Full educational training and support system. Professional trainers and teams have designed a set of management training courses, from production to store management, covering all matters and aspects of the stores.
Exclusive R&D and testing center. This center develops new flavors and guarantees food safety, providing safe, creative, and innovative products with market value.
Cloud computing technology for information management. A cloud system is used to update information of stores around the world, such as inventories and order systems, to improve controlling efficiency.
International food safety certificate. Having received high standard food safety certificates in many countries, we fully support our products and stores.