Taiwan / Takming University of Science and Technology and La Kaffa International Cooperate to Cultivate Talent


Tsai Rong-Ying (Er Xin Senior High School Business Management Branch) is a Class of 2015 alumni with an undergraduate degree in Chain Franchise Business Management from Takming University of Science and Technology (TUST). During her time at TUST, her diligent learning attitude during the one-semester professional internship at La Kaffa International earned high praise from her supervisor and teacher. Upon finishing the internship and graduating from TUST, alumni Tsai Rong-Ying decided to continue learning and working at La Kaffa International; she has become a store management trainee due to her affinity for the family atmosphere at Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza.

After becoming a management trainee, alumni Tsai Rong-Ying quickly made mental adjustments and exerted the personal experiences accumulated during her internship to confidently and happily serve customers. Not only have customers experienced her considerable customer-first service, she has also deeply influenced her colleagues and become a model for everyone at the store.

With two quarters of experience, alumni Tsai Rong-Ying comprehensively passed various live assessments and servicing checks on her way to being selected as the “Star of La Kaffa.” Alumni Tsai Rong-Ying’s outstanding professional performance has become one of the cores of the La Kaffa International team. Meanwhile, she has become the best example of a seamless transition from internship to employment. We would like to once again alumni Tsai Rong-Ying for this achievement!

Zhang Qin-Zhi, Director at the Office of Research and Development’s Career Center Phone No.: (02) 2658-5801 ext:2430 

(Reported by Jin Jia-zhen)

CDNews (May 15th, 2018 12:24)