Lakaffa Increases Employee Well-Being in Order to Become the Best Company to Work for.


By Hai Lin

Updated January 9, 2019

Lakaffa gave 6 month worth of year-end bonus andwill give a 10% Pay raise in 2019.

Lakaffa is the first company for employees tosubmit birthday leave and apply for birth grant with an eye to becoming thebest company to work for.

Lakaffa held year-end banquet which was attendedby 570 people today. The top prize was NT$ 200,000 in cash. Benefiting from mergersand acquisitions effect and marketing strategy of Chatime, revenue of Lakaffa for January to November 2018 was NT$3.478 billion, whichgrew by 53.9 percent in the past year, hitting an all-time high; hence thechairman of Lakaffa, Yao-Hui Wang declared that theywould award employees with up to 6 month worth of year-end bonus and would alsogive a 3-10% pay raise.
Wang indicatedthat the reason Chatime was able to achieve its marketing strategy -runningbusiness successfully in 38 countries rapidly - was due to brand image optimization,service innovation, and what was more important was recruitment of professionalmanagers with 20  years of workexperience. In this case, Lakaffa built an IBD and IBMteam, and then it was capable of developing its brand with foreign partners;thus improved operation and food management. Therefore, it's hard for othercompetitors to compete Chatime.
As the year-endbanquet today, Wang rewarded top performing employees of International SalesDepartment with giving nearly NT$2 million as average annual salary including performancebonus in order to encourage employees.
Wangalso said it’s Lakaffa’s 15th anniversary this year. It will keep developing its brandand tapping international markets actively; on purpose of long-term developmentand the need of professionals, Lakaffa makes efforts inbuilding the best company for employees to work for. The group will move to anew office building, in addition, its employee benefits are way better thanthat the law requires, which includes employees being able to submit birthdayleave and apply for birth grant: a NT$30 thousand payment to help with thecosts of a new baby, NT$60 thousand for the second baby, and NT$120 thousandfor the third baby. Additionally, Wang hopes all of the employees to reachtheir full potential; accordingly, the company will develop employees withsuccessful on-boarding and ongoing training, wishing to enjoy the accomplishmenttogether.