Chatime transforms itself into the best cheerleader for HBL


Lakaffa has been popularized sport for the young. In addition to participating in matches, Lakaffa also hosts road running events, William Jones' Cup International Tournament, and National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. Lakaffa demanded Chatime, which is operated by Lakaffa, to do its utmost to host High School of Basketball League (HBL) Tournament this year. The 5-day qualifier took place in Hsinchu for the first time from October 31 to November 4. As a local enterprise, Chatime called cheerleaders to cheer for all the basketball players. Chatime also provided cool drinks and sent a purple food cart so as to cheer for the players and generate publicity for HBL.

Lakaffa guided Chatime to conquer the whole world by bubble tea. Lakaffa runs bubble tea shops in more than 38 areas and countries. Its business territory has extended in 6 continents and it is highly praised and appreciated by the young. Lakaffa is the most established chain group in the world.  As the sponsor of HBL and a local enterprise, meanwhile the qualifier took place in Hsinchu for the first time, Chatime provided cool drinks and sent a purple food cart in order to cheer for all the teams. The Host Kuangfu High School achieved what they were expected- reaching eighth-finals. Local people praised Lakaffa for cheering for the host to reach 4-game winning streak.

Lakaffa is a rising star in food and beverage market for its successful operation. In the meantime, Lakaffa pays highly attention to corporate social responsibility. It has promoted international charitable events over a long period of time; apart from this, it is the first company in food and beverage which hosts road running events, cooperates with local government for cities marketing, and popularizes sport. Lakaffa sponsors HBL and William Jones' Cup International Tournament for years running simultaneously. Lakaffa believes that sponsoring HBL for HBL's spirits- innovation, all-out effort, being superb, unity- are as same as Lakaffa's enterprise culture. Lakaffa dedicates its energy to popularizing sport, hoping that would arouse positive effect. Therefore, Lakaffa and Chatime transform into local cheerleaders to cheer for basketball players.

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