BAKE CODE is devoted to Zhubei City, as a distinguished brand from Lakaffa


There are many bakeries, but only a few chain stores, in Zhubei City. Bake Code, one distinguished brand out of many under Lakaffa, just opened its third store on October 28th in Zhubei City. Wishing to provide convenience service to all people in the neighborhood, Bake Code is still looking for new communities for future development.

Bake Code’s products are boosted by baguette and Japanese styled bread, targeting customers from 25 to 40 years old from families and communities. It positions itself as daily gourmet food for local people, so as to penetrate into the Zhubei market. Presently, its Zhuangjing branch and Sanmin branch have attracted more than 30,000 VIP customers, and the VIP customers have contributed about 60% of the monthly sales of those two branches. This shows that Bake Code’s fine-baked, reasonably priced products satisfy customers and cause them to return frequently.

“The Shengli branch opened at Shengli 8th Street, is located in the yolk zone of Zhubei City, where the price of surrounding real estate is high, evidencing the spending power from the neighborhood, which makes us confident in opening another new store by the end of this year.” Executive Manager of Bake Code, Mr. Rick Ke, said.

Bake Code invited VIP customers to come to the Shengli branch on October 26th for an opening celebration party, expected for a test run on October 27th and held a grand opening on October 28th. Bake Code released its specialty "Gold Croissant" and fresh-made croissant with four colors as exclusive products in Hsinchu.