La Kaffa Sponsors the Winning Team At HBL Game


Middle of March was a day to remember for Kuang-Fu high school basketball team and La Kaffa as the team bagged the HBL championship

Aside from serving delicious beverages and food to consumers, supporting the community has always been La Kaffa’s main agenda. In sports, La Kaffa commits in cultivating future stars of basketball by providing support to high school basketball teams. In hope that these talented kids will glow on the stage one day with the help coming from the company. For La Kaffa’s leadership, it is gratifying to see that these kids have brought excellence in the game and had such a good result.

Chatime, La Kaffa’s number tea beverage brand, was seen during whole basketball game. With its delicious array of tea beverages including its signature Taichi Supreme Milk Tea, all enjoyed by everyone while watching the games. Chatime also sponsored the games where audiences can participate. Winners received exciting prizes from Chatime including a towel, water bottles, Chatime milk tea wafer roll, and even Chatime bubble tea. After the best game, Chatime also provides ‘‘buy one Taichi Pearl Milk Tea get one free’’ discount to celebrate the HBL championship.