Chatime drove all the way to Hengshan Town to share love in Christmas

Chatime, operated by Lakaffa, is known internationally for running bulbble tea shops. The young and innovative brand image is highly praised and appreciated by young people. Since Thanksgiving has come and Christmas Eve is around the corner, Chatime organizes a month-long journey, Chatime Future TStar. Chatime first visited Wanruey Resort in order to share love and spread joy with Hengshan junior high school.
Lakaffa has highly paid attention to corporate social responsibility, in this case, the Chatime Future TStar plan was proposed for public welfare. The plan focuses on child development and supports students in remote areas, hoping that the backbone of Taiwan could all be well taken care of. In the process of interacting with children, Chatime wishes to make them postive and inspired. This year, Chatime maintains the tradition of organizing the one-month Chatime Future TStar journey. Chatime set out to deliver drinks to students in remote areas by purple food carts so as to send love to them.
The reason for the Chatime Future TStar journey to choose Hengshan Junior High School as the starting station is meaningful. This June, the archery team of Hengshan Junior High School won gold in national competition but they were not able to afford to take part in the match abroad. As soon as Lakaffa was informed the news, it sponsored the archery team to fight for Taiwan. Lakaffa leads Chatime to drive a purple food cart all the way to Wanruey Resort for the purpose of having a good time with teachers and students of Hengshan Junior High School. The teachers and students were presented with drinks and tie-ins.
A series of actions of the Chatime Future TStar journey is a continuous event. Chatime not only drove to Hengshan Town, but also organized a charity sale with Taiwan Fund for Childern and Families in Hsinchu at the plaza at Hsinchu County Government on November 25. Chatime is going to cooperate with schools in remote areas with World Vision, religious organizations, child welfare institutions...etc afterwards; anticipating that the issues of child welfare and education in remote and areas would be more valued.