Ignite your Basketball Spirit with Chatime!


Ignite your Basketball Spirit with Chatime! Lakaffa Invited as Designated Sponsor of the "High School Basketball League". 

Lakaffal has consistently provided consumers delicious beverages, and encouraged health and exercise. For many years, subsidiary Chatime has sponsored teams competing in the High School Basketball League (HBL) and in addition to sponsoring the league’s championship powerhouses, Chatime has been invited to be a “Game Sponsor Brand” and further expand the brand’s influence.

Chatime has attracted young people with novel and special flavors, hoping to encourage even more young individuals to exercise. During today’s HBL Opening Press Conference, brand visibility was on display as the brand was not only invited for the opening of the league, but also provided Chatime’s signature Tai Chi pearl milk tea for participants to drink.

Let’s all drink Chatime, cheer on your favorite team and ignite your basketball spirit!!!