Lakaffa International Builds Happy Enterprise, Salary Increases Exceed 10%



(CAN Messaging Service 20180111 15:48:40) International catering chain group La Kaffa International has a total of 11 subsidiary brands and they are as follows: Chatime, Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu Ginza, Duan Chun Zhen beef noodle, Osaka Ohsho, ZenQ, Lakaffa Cafe, Bake Code, Tan Yu, Chun-Sun Cake, Chatime Lounge and ChuNian Shabu Shabu. With locations spread across 4 continents, 33 countries/regions and over 100 cities, La Kaffa has made a conscious effort to expand the global market and actively conduct diversified brand management to push Taiwanese catering towards the international stage and become an “international catering brand platform.”


In 2018, La Kaffa will continue to promote the brand’s rapid expansion and active market development, and the group will actively recruit talent from all markets to supplement the brand’s long-term development and demand for service personnel. As a response towards the base salary adjustment on January 1, 2018, La Kaffa has increased the base salary of part-time employees by 10% or more, up to a possible total of NTD155. Part-time and full-time employees can both enjoy related benefits such as annual leaves.


Chairman Wang Yao-Hui believes that it is necessary to wisely adapt to the rapid changes within the catering industry. The La Kaffa team will use the 3 company core values “responsibility,” “flexibility,” and “entrepreneurship” as actual practice in daily work. The Chairman hopes that every person who joins La Kaffa can exhibit their strengths as they go through a complete educational training regimen, making the company even more willing to invest in developing outstanding talent and providing opportunities for them to shine individually. As the employees and company grow together, both will taste the sweetness of progress.