Chatime CommuniTEA


International Service Day

“It’s Eco Time.” Chatime 2021 ISD x WWF Fundraising Event

Chatime International Service Day is a yearly activity held every 6th June in celebration of Chatime International Anniversary. This entails a global movement initiated across all Chatime markets with the objective of giving back to the community & the environment.

Due to the nature of our business operation, contributing to the protection and conservation of our environment is a mandatory initiative for Chatime. Hence, environmental protection has always been on top of Chatime’s priorities. As a global bubble tea brand, we always wonder if there is more we could do for the environment, the people, and the world.

In 2021, Chatime collaborates with the world’s largest conservation organization-World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which Chatime acts as an environmental influencer to raise funds and support global conservation work.

A fundraising page “2021 Chatime CommuniTEA: It‘s Eco Time.” is set up on the WWF Panda Nation Platform. This is the platform for global Chatime customers to interact and involve with the campaign. Encouraging both Chatime customers and public to be part of this good cause and show supports in nature conservation as a united Chatime Family.