Lakaffa Subsidiary Company is The First Chinese Restaurant Group Whose Shares Will be Listed in Australia in 2019


Chatime, which is under Lakaffa’s wing, has successfully set up over 100 shops in Australia. The shares of Infinite Plus will be listed in Australia in Q3 2019; thus Infinite Plus will be the first Chinese restaurant group whose shares are listed in Australia. The chairman of Lakaffa International, Wang Yao-Hui said that Infinite Plus Pty. Ltd was an agent of Lakaffa. Lakaffa acquired 55 percent of Infinite Plus Pty. Ltd’ s shares in 2011; thus took it under Lakaffa’s wing, became the parent company of Infinite Plus Pty. Ltd, and turned it into the headquarter of Lakaffa in Oceaniar to start business in New Zealand and Middle Eastern countries.

Revenue of Chatime for 2017 was NT$530 million, net Income was NT$34 million. This year, 9-month revenue is NT$420 million, and the annual revenue is expected to exceed NT$600 million. The gross profit margin of 3rd quarter is more than 60 percent. The bubble tea shops would be increased by 40 shops to the amount of 150 shops. Lakaffa expects its revenue to reach NT$780 million next year. After setting up the 100th shop, diffusion effect is caused. Wang Yao-Hui indicated that Infinite Plus planned to apply for listing its shares in Q2 2019. Its shares is going to be listed in Australia in the end of Q3 2019 or the beginning of Q4 2019.

Trying its best to run 1,000 bubble tea shops around the world in 2020.

Chatime owns 707 bubble tea shops in the world. There are 239 shops located in Indonesia; in the end of this year, there might be 250 shops. The amount of bubble tea shops in Australia is surpassed only by that of Indonesia. Stores in the Philippines are almost 100 ones. Those in Canada are going to be more than 100 in 2020. There would be 1,000 bubble tea shops run by Chatime all over the world then.