Lakaffa Supports to Hsinchu County’s Hengshan Junior School Archery Team, Looking to Put Taiwan on the Map


The Hengshan Junior High School Archery Team from Hsinchu County won the men's team gold medal in the National Youth Cup Archery Championship. However, due to a shortage in funding, the team most likely cannot represent Taiwan in an upcoming July competition in the United States. As a local enterprise based in Hsinchu County, Lakaffa immediately offered a helping hand by hosting a charity event at Hengshan Junior High School upon receiving the news. By doing so, Lakaffa hopes that that the archery team will be able to concentrate on practice and netting good results for Taiwan.

Hengshan Junior High School has cultivated excellent domestic archers for a long time and the team nearly practices all year round. Lakaffa and the Hsinchu County Government have worked together to cheer on the team’s elite archers. In addition to vigorously cultivating elite sporting talent through joint cooperation between industry, the government and educational institutions, Chatime has delivered beverages into the school using beverage trucks, allowing rural students experience the enterprise’s heartfelt support through these practical measures.

Wang Li-Yu, executive vice president of Lakaffa, has expressed that as an enterprise originating in Zhubei of Hsinchu County in 2004, Lakaffa highly values youth development in addition to managing the various subsidiary catering brands. To ensure that Taiwan’s future generations will receive more care and attention, the company has hosted charitable fund-raising runs, sponsored basketball events and others as well. With this opportunity of supporting the Hengshan Junior High School Archery Team, Lakaffa hopes that the athletes will net impressive results at their competition in the United States.

Chatime has introduced bubble milk tea to the world and hopes to achieve its brand mission, "Where the sun rises, there will be Chatime." With their gold-medal qualification to represent the country abroad, Lakaffa has high hopes for the Hengshan Junior High School Archery Team as they aim to exhibit Taiwan’s archery prowess on the international stage.

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Reporter CHI, TA-JEN/Reporting from Hsinchu

June 21st, 2018 3:02 PM